Should Doctors Be Forced To Kill People?

by Ken Ham on October 10, 2016
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Should doctors be forced to perform abortions or euthanasia for their patients? Well, in a recent journal article, two prominent bioethicists (those who study ethical issues surrounding developments in biology and medicine) from Canada and Great Britain argued that they should be. This should come as no surprise to those who recognize that religious freedom, whether in Canada, the UK, or the United States, is increasingly being viewed as your right to believe what you want but not to be allowed to practice it in public.

These bioethicists reportedly believe that “their governments should stop protecting doctors’ conscious rights and force them to perform or at least refer patients for abortions, euthanasia and other practices that doctors object to on moral grounds.” They write, “Doctors must put patients’ interests ahead of their own integrity. . . . If this leads to feelings of guilty remorse or them dropping out of the profession, so be it.” They also argued, “Medical schools could screen applicants for religious and moral values and reject those who refuse to perform or promote life-destroying procedures such as abortions or assisted suicides.” So in their view, if you believe that life should be protected, and not destroyed, you shouldn’t even be able to go to medical school to get your degree! And apparently, if you do happen to get a degree, you should leave your personal beliefs behind or quit your profession. So only those who are willing to murder children and adults should be allowed to study medicine!

Increasingly governments and individuals are viewing religion as something you are free to practice behind closed doors but that shouldn’t be allowed to influence your public life.

This journal article is sobering. Increasingly governments and individuals are viewing religion as something you are free to practice behind closed doors but that shouldn’t be allowed to influence your public life. This mentality is resulting in Christians being punished for practicing what they believe based on God’s Word. But what people like these bioethicists are really doing is pushing their secular view of morality on others. They don’t view every human life as sacred, made in God’s image, and worth preserving. They don’t view the taking of an innocent life by abortion or euthanasia as murder. And they don’t care if others don’t agree with their version of morality—they want to force everyone to agree with their antibiblical secularist religion. Really, they want the freedom to practice their worldview of secularism but are not willing to extend that same freedom to those who disagree with them. They don’t want freedom from religion but freedom from Christianity—and freedom to practice and impose their religion on everyone else.

We need to pray that God will protect the freedoms that we currently enjoy in America. And we need to keep in mind that ultimately this is not a governmental or legislative problem—it’s a spiritual problem. And a spiritual problem needs a spiritual solution and that solution—the only solution—is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to be bold in sharing the good news of the gospel with others because it’s the gospel that changes hearts and lives for eternity.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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