From Puerto Rico to Minnesota to the Creation Museum!

by Ken Ham on October 9, 2016
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Each year hundreds of volunteers help promote our Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and faith-building resource materials. For example, keen supporters and medical doctors Hector Aybar and his wife Maritza often make the 1,600-mile round trip from Minnesota to visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky. They have made this long journey over 30 times, and each time bring an average of 10 people with them. Few people have the passion that the Aybars have in using apologetics in evangelism.

This delightful couple is originally from Puerto Rico. Because they speak Spanish fluently, they have been very effective during our annual Día Latino at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. On these days, we offer special talks in Spanish as a way to encourage Spanish speakers to visit our two popular attractions. Also, the Aybars provide translation help, as they did last Saturday at the Ark Encounter where we had about 2,100 Spanish speakers tour the Ark.

To recognize the fine work of these two passionate defenders of the Bible, we presented them with a plaque in front of museum guests last Friday in Legacy Hall. As the audience waited to hear a talk in Spanish, Mark Looy, our CCO, was on stage to give them the plaque.

Aybars with Mark Looy

Hector and Maritza Aybar outside Legacy Hall after talk.

We want Hector and Maritza to know that we deeply appreciate the many ways they are proclaiming God’s Word in these increasingly challenging times. Also, with tens of millions of Spanish speakers living in America today, we want to have resources to reach them with biblical truths and, most of all, with the gospel. Praise the Lord for those He has brought to us to enable AiG to reach millions with the Christian message.

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