What is a “Steeling” Conference?

by Ken Ham
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One of the most intriguingly named conferences I have ever heard is this one: “Steeling the Mind Bible Conference.”

The title piggybacks off the Scripture’s teaching that just as “iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend" (Proverbs 27:17). This conference is designed to act like steel sharpening steel as attendees grow in the Lord and study His Word.

I’m thrilled to be speaking later this month (September 23–25) at the national “Steeling” conference that has a Noah theme. This conference is hosted by our good friend Bill Perkins of Compass International, who chose to hold his conference in Northern Kentucky and very near Cincinnati because of the Ark Encounter’s opening and also because of our Creation Museum in the area. Bill has rented one of the large rooms inside the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, which has beautiful nearby views of the Cincinnati skyline right across the Ohio River. He’s made sure that there will be time for attendees to enjoy both the Ark and the museum.

Ken Ham with Bill Perkins

A few months ago, Bill Perkins (right) of Compass International (host of the “Steeling the Mind” conference) paid me a visit at the Ark construction site, and we discussed his upcoming conference.

To market his conference, Bill is using this video promo that I recorded:

The “Steeling” conference is being held in a very convenient spot in America: almost two-thirds of Americans can drive here in about a day. To register for this Bible conference, please go to Compass.org.

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