Coauthor of The Genesis Flood Visits the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham
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We recently had a very special guest visit the Creation Museum to hold a book signing. Dr. John Whitcomb, coauthor of the classic book The Genesis Flood and cofounder of the modern creation apologetics movement along with Dr. Henry Morris, has made a huge impact on the church and Christians around the world. Dr. Whitcomb is 92 years old and is also a veteran who served courageously in World War II, including in the famous Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944–45. During his book signing, many people came up to thank Dr. Whitcomb for his service to this country and the kingdom of God.

Original Cover of The Genesis Flood
Current Cover of The Genesis Flood

The original cover and the cover on the most recent edition of The Genesis Flood.

Dr. Whitcomb was also one of the special guests invited to participate in our Ark Encounter ribbon cutting on July 5. He joined us in laying down twelve stones of remembrance outside the Ark to serve as a visual reminder of the truth of God’s Word, using the example of Joshua 4:19–22. He loved his tour of the Ark Encounter and was touched by the number of people who came up to shake his hand (such as his long-time friend, the best-selling author Tim LaHaye), and to tell him what an impact he’d had on their lives through his work of affirming the truth of God’s Word.

Dr. John Whitcomb with Dr. Tim LaHaye

Dr. Whitcomb and wife Norma reunite with best-selling author Tim LaHaye inside the Ark on ribbon-cutting day.

Dr. Whitcomb recently authored an article titled “The Biblical Prominence of the Flood.” At the end he links to our video of the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Ark Encounter. I’m thankful for the legacy of Dr. John Whitcomb and The Genesis Flood. Because of his work, many Christians—including myself—have received solid answers and have been encouraged to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning.

As I said at the ribbon cutting, “The Ark Encounter is part of Dr. Whitcomb’s legacy too.”

You can order a copy of The Genesis Flood from our online store.

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