“800,000 Year Old Footprints” Look Just Like Ours

by Ken Ham

Researchers claim to have uncovered possible Homo erectus footprints from a desert in southeast Eritrea (a coastal African country bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti). These footprints—size 12 if they had been wearing shoes—appear to have been made by a group of tall individuals, and evolutionist researchers say the footprints were made 800,000 years ago.


Now, in an evolutionary worldview, H. erectus is considered to be “physically close to modern humans,” and these footprints were supposedly left behind 600,000 years before modern man. The researchers believe these prints “may provide important clues on how H. erectus’s gait evolved until Homo sapiens . . . came about.” Despite their belief that these footprints offer an insight into evolution, the researcher who led the dig noted that “the prints show toe details, a marked longitudinal arch and an abducted toe, all features distinctive of human feet.” Another article describes the prints as “nearly identical to modern human footprints.”

The observational evidence confirms these individuals were humans—descendants of Adam and Eve, just like us.

So human footprints that look just like modern human footprints provide vital clues into the evolution of the human gait? A view that’s much more consistent with the evidence is the biblical view. Homo erectus is not another human species that is “physically close” to us. The observational evidence confirms these individuals were humans—descendants of Adam and Eve, just like us. They made and used tools, buried their dead, built fires and seafaring vessels, and spread out to settle three continents. After leaving Babel, these humans were some of the earliest people to settle around the world and leave remains that we can find today. The minor differences we see between them and us are simply part of the enormous variety God built into the human genome.

When we start with God’s Word, the observational evidence makes sense, can be consistently interpreted, and confirms the Bible’s true, historical science that humans have always been humans! That’s because it’s God’s Word—not human imagination—that provides the true history of the world.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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