Atheists Help Promote the Ark!

by Ken Ham

Christians, I have a challenge for you! Let’s use an attempted atheist attack on the Ark Encounter project to get even more people to the Ark.

Ark Encounter Giveaway

Yes, an avowed atheist is trying to crash AiG’s “countdown competition,” which is giving away free passes to the Ark in Northern Kentucky. But, as I’ve done so many times before in regard to these narrow-minded people and their clear prejudice against the Christian message, I remind you of this verse:

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. (Genesis 50:20)

What this atheist wants to do (and really I find it quite childish) illustrates how intolerant many atheists can be in regard to Christianity in this culture. They’re so insecure in their blind faith that, even with all of the evolution-based museums and evolution-saturated curricula in public schools and colleges, they’re very scared of the Ark and the Creation Museum.

For the past few days, we’ve been running a countdown competition leading up to opening the world-class Ark Encounter themed attraction this Thursday, July 7. You can participate in this competition by sharing our Ark Encounter website with others, and be entered to win annual passes, combo passes to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, or a real silver Noah’s Ark coin. And it’s easy for you to enter—all we ask you to do is register your email address with us (create an account) and spread the word using our “share bar” about the Ark. Find out all the information here.

Now this atheist (who will be one of the scoffers joining a group of atheists apparently protesting the Ark on opening day) wrote a blog with this heading:

Let’s all enter the Ark Encounter giveaway and stop a family from subjecting their kids to nonsense

He goes on to say,

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is having a massive giveaway. The adults who will be entering the contest will likely do so for the sake of bringing their families to the park.

Children should not be subjected to this nonsense against their will or better judgment. These children deserve a fighting chance of learning logic, reason, and science. Let’s not let Ham get his greedy hands on them. So let’s enter the giveaway and win all the prizes!

You know, we would never try to crash an atheist competition, and we don’t demonstrate outside their secular museums and other institutions. But many atheists sure won’t tolerate Christians opening a private Creation Museum or an Ark! In reality, this atheist is just helping to promote the Ark anyway.

So, my challenge is: let’s all respond to this atheist by sharing the Ark Encounter with as many people as we can, and ask them to share it with others, too. Multiple thousands of people are already doing this by entering our countdown competition. Then you can be entered for an opportunity to win free passes (including a number of annual passes) to the Ark Encounter or a silver Noah’s Ark coin (a real silver coin from Armenia that has Noah’s Ark on it). Get further information on how to enter the competition and share the Ark Encounter website.

By the way, we would be only too thrilled if an atheist did win one of the passes and came to the Ark to hear God’s Word and the gospel. But this atheist wants people to win the passes and not have them be used—it’s their attempt to keep people away from this amazing God-honoring facility.

Again, I urge you to tell everyone you can about the Ark Encounter.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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