News About Noah’s Ark in Newest Answers Magazine

by Ken Ham

Families that subscribe to our popular, award-winning Answers magazine are in for an exciting surprise when the next issue arrives in the mail! The entire magazine has been completely redesigned for a more inviting new look to help readers enjoy every article even more.

Exciting Changes

These exciting changes have been underway for quite a while with help from the top Christian magazine consultants in the country. The solid apologetics content, meaty answers, photography, and biblical worldview you’ve always loved are now in an even more appealing package.

In this upcoming issue, you will read the latest news about the biblical Noah’s Ark and our new Ark Encounter family theme park and learn about topics such as how God’s design of the woodpecker might help protect athletes from concussions; how we can know Noah’s Flood was global, not local (and why it even matters); and how to be more effective in reaching this generation with the good news of the gospel.

Get a Sneak Peek

Here is a quick sneak peek at some of the articles in this newly redesigned, apologetics-packed issue:

  • Fantastic Voyage: With the Ark Encounter opening July 7 in Northern Kentucky, this issue is appropriately themed around Noah, the Ark, and how Noah could have built it and cared for the animals. You’ll learn about different architectural options and fascinating ancient technologies that Noah may have used. The Ark is sure to be on the cultural radar with the upcoming opening, so be sure you are equipped with solid answers about Noah’s Ark from this exciting issue.
  • Armed with Brains: The most intelligent invertebrate has brains . . . in its arms! Learn about its incredible design in this Creation on Display article.
  • Chalk It Up to a Global Flood: At today’s slow rate of ocean-floor buildup, chalk layers would take millions of years to form. Why do biblical creationists have the best explanation for how these massive, intercontinental strata came to be?
  • The Miracle of Flight: Humans have mastered the art of flight, but our best flying machines are nothing compared with the incredible examples we see in birds. Why is bird flight so unique and hard to copy?

And as always, in addition to these articles and many more, we have a colorful pull-out magazine just for kids. And we’ve redesigned it too! Your children or grandchildren will love it. In this issue they learn—on a fun kid’s level—how God’s special design for birds make them better flyers than the most advanced man-made aircraft.

I recently did a live video broadcast from our Answers in Genesis’ offices about this exciting redesign.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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