Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on May 6, 2016

This Mother’s Day in America, be sure to include a trip to the world-class Creation Museum as part of your celebration. As our gift to mums (as we call them in Australia), all mothers are free on Mother’s Day, May 8, here in Northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati).

Mother and Child

Mothers are a vital part of raising godly children. When I’m out speaking at conferences, I constantly meet mothers who are dedicated to ensuring that their children are taught to think biblically. They truly are on the front lines of fighting for the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Here at the Creation Museum, we understand the incredible value of mothers and want to show our appreciation for the hard work that they do. So this Mother’s Day, we’re giving free museum admission to all mothers—this includes grandmothers and, of course, pregnant mums (because life begins at fertilization). By visiting the museum, they can be further equipped to raise the next generation to think biblically and to stand boldly on God’s Word.

Learn more about mothers being free on Mother’s Day in this video I recently filmed at the Creation Museum:

Until the end of June, you can also take advantage of our More Kids Free museum program. When you buy two adult tickets, you can get up to four kids tickets free! And this year we’re allowing a mother’s free ticket to count as one of the adult tickets. So in other words, two adults and up to four children can visit for the price of just one adult ticket! And remember, every ticket is good for two consecutive days.

With this incredible value, I encourage you to bring as many mothers and kids as you can to the Creation Museum on Sunday, May 8.

Learn more and view a schedule of events for Mother’s Day at CreationMuseum.org.

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