A Good-Bye to a Faithful Servant, Dr. Mark Jackson

by Ken Ham on March 17, 2016

The following is one of the tributes spoken at Saturday’s memorial service for former AiG board member Dr. Mark Jackson, who passed away earlier this month in Ohio at the age of 87. It was read by AiG cofounder and former AiG board member Mark Looy.

So often much of a Christian leader’s impact in ministry will occur well out of the public eye—and have an impact that will be felt globally. While Mark’s public positions as a Bible college and seminary president, pastor, and as someone who ministered in more than 70 nations, his strong leadership often happened behind the scenes. That includes his 11 years as a board member for Answers in Genesis. Also, groups like GLS, the GARBC, and ABWE also benefited from his wise counsel and direction—valuable contributions that few would see.

Here are a couple of tributes from two of his fellow board members at Answers in Genesis.

First, from our chairman of the board for all our 22 years, Pastor Don Landis:

It was a joy and a blessing just to be around Mark. His many years of sacrificial and loving service to Jesus were to our benefit as he served as an AiG board member. His steady and consistent wisdom from the Lord was a source of strength that I felt I could turn to any time it was needed. Also, his grasp of the biblical text was solid.

Mark’s countless stories of ministry and missionary adventures were always exciting to listen to!

Beverly and I will be celebrating his life, giving God the glory, and praying for Mark’s family.

And from AiG founder and president Ken Ham, who is in North Carolina today on speaking ministry:

Dr. Jackson had a heart for the gospel. He was always thrilled to share with us about his trips to different parts of the world where he was able to share the gospel. Mark would sometimes talk about trudging through some remote areas of the globe and sleeping in places that I would never consider! I certainly wouldn’t want to “rough it” the way he did! But it just showed that he had such a heart to reach people, wherever they were, with the message of the gospel.

Mark was always very friendly and upbeat. He showed the love of the Lord. You could just see it shining in his face, the love he had for the Lord.

Irene and family—please know that you will always be our guests at the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. In fact, just before I left to come here, Ken Ham asked me to tell you that he would personally tour the entire Jackson family through the Ark when it opens. It would be just another way to honor and pay tribute to this wonderful, godly man that many of us got to know and love close up.

Mark then gave a summary of why we experience death, disease, and suffering in this world: it’s the result of the fall of Genesis 3. For more on this topic, read the booklet Mark and I compiled.

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