The Religion of Death and an Anniversary

by Ken Ham on January 21, 2016

Tomorrow, January 22, is the 43rd anniversary of the terrible Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision that opened the door to the religion of death permeating America more than ever before—since then about 58 million children in America have been murdered in their mothers’ wombs. Interestingly, the same day marks the 29th anniversary of when our family arrived in the United States from Australia to bring the message of the religion of life—the truth of God’s Word and the saving gospel of Jesus Christ—to this nation.


A powerful article on the popular WorldNetDaily (WND) website this week related the Roe v. Wade anniversary to our life-size Ark project that opens July 7 this year in Northern Kentucky. I encourage all of you to read this powerful commentary and send it to others.

In this article, the author states the following:

In a video at the Ark website, Ken Ham, president of AIG and the Ark Encounter, comments that while the cross is our greatest reminder of salvation, he believes Noah’s ark is salvation’s next most powerful symbol.

God saved a tiny remnant in the midst of a devastating judgment on a deeply depraved world, and right up to the closing of the door, unbelievers hurled insults, mocking and scoffing Noah and his obedience. And then the end came, with no escape for the wicked.

There’s a similar chasm forming in America, dividing not just Christians and unbelievers, but faithful and compromised Christians. Many leftists consider themselves Christians, but their “fruit” tells a different story.

As pro-life warriors stand in vigil in our nation’s capital and recall the abortion holocaust this week at the March for Life, we need to reconnect with God as Creator, while we remember that He is also our judge.

God wiped every human from the earth through a divinely ordained disaster, except for the faithful eight. Is abortion God’s judgment on America? Are we enacting, through “choice,” our own spiritual demise, our own “flood” of destruction? It’s a deeply troubling thought.

I urge you to read the entire WND article.

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