Medical Doctors with a Passion for Creation Ministry

by Ken Ham on January 3, 2016

We are very excited about AiG’s Spanish-language website that is reaching out to share the message of biblical authority and the gospel with millions of Spanish speakers around the world. This short post recently appeared on the Spanish site, and we’ve translated it for you—I think you will find it encouraging:

Drs. Hector and Maritza Lopez are a testament to the fact that one person truly can make an impact on the lives of others. This Puerto Rican husband and wife team shares a passion for creation ministry and a burden to share the gospel with as many people as possible. For the past several years they have loaded up a camper with friends and neighbors and have brought them from their current home in Minnesota to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. They even pay their entrance into the museum and personally give their guests a tour of the entire museum, explaining in detail the significance of each room. This year marks the 30th trip for this energetic pair of scientists. Drs. Hector and Maritza are just a couple of so many scientists who God is using to advance the field of creation apologetics. We are very grateful for their partnership with us and their willingness and generosity in sharing the truth of the gospel with others.
Ken Ham and Hector Aybar
Hector Aybar and Joe Owen
Hector Aybar, Día Latino

You can view and share our Spanish-language website at You can also plan your own trip to the faith-affirming Creation Museum near the Cincinnati airport—and even get all the details about bringing a group—at

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