Christian College Makes a Bold Move

by Ken Ham on December 14, 2015

Will other Christian colleges make the bold move that Master’s College recently made? We challenge them to show the world, as Master’s did, that Christians are prepared to do what it takes to stand uncompromisingly, boldly, and unashamedly on the Word of God.

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We are always thankful when we hear about Christian colleges and universities that take a firm and public stand on the book of Genesis, refusing to compromise with man’s ideas about the past and our origins. These colleges are sadly far and few between. As I showed in my eye-opening, coauthored book Already Compromised, many Christian universities and colleges don’t think biblically about Genesis. And many are now compromising with gay “marriage” and other social issues. Instead, they’ve allowed man’s ideas about origins to supersede what Genesis says. Instead of trusting the Word of God—the One who was there in the beginning—they’ve trusted in man’s ideas of evolution and millions of years and tried somehow to squeeze them into the text. Sadly, this is happening more often with more Christian universities.

But there is still a remnant of Christian colleges who have not compromised on God’s Word, beginning in Genesis. We feature these colleges on our special website

Well, The Master’s College (TMC) is one of these schools. And recently it has taken a public stand on the issue. TMC used to be part of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), a group of accredited North American schools. This list contains 153 schools, four of which, Bryan College, Cedarville University, Grace College & Seminary, and Warner University, are listed on Well, The Master’s College has recently decided to withdraw itself from the CCCU. Dr. John MacArthur, the president of the school, explained why in an email newsletter. He writes,

We have increasing concerns about the direction of the CCCU, given that the vast majority of member schools do not accept the Genesis account of creation or the inerrancy of Scripture.

Two former CCCU schools have demonstrated that opinions are also shifting away from the Bible’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. There are likely other member institutions that are not faithful to the biblical position. The CCCU’s willingness to offer affiliate status to these two schools and the affirmation of 75 percent of member college presidents, raises serious questions as to whether the organization still holds to biblical Christianity.

As sad as we are to hear that the CCCU is falling away from God’s Word, we are thankful to see that there are still colleges who understand the importance of Genesis to Christianity as a whole. We are thankful that The Master’s College not only recognizes this compromise over God’s Word, but has also taken a public stand on the importance of Genesis. It is our hope and prayer that other Christian schools will take a public stand for truth and God’s Word.

You can learn more about compromise in Christian colleges in Already Compromised, available in our store. And you can see the full list of colleges that take a literal stand on Genesis at I encourage you to share this list with the young people you know.

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