The Half Was Not Told Me

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I recently had the privilege of hosting Pastor Lloyd Pulley and his wife Karen at the Ark construction site in northern Kentucky. Pastor Lloyd is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in New Jersey where I had the honor to speak a few years ago. After touring the immense Ark at the construction site, I asked Pastor Lloyd what he thought about the Ark and its evangelistic message. He quickly replied, “the half was not told me,” in reference to 1 Kings 10:7 where the queen of Sheba responded after visiting Solomon in Jerusalem and said, “However I did not believe the words until I came and saw with my own eyes; and indeed the half was not told me.”

Included are pictures of the Pulleys and me at the Ark site.

Lloyd and Karen Pulley at Ark Encounter Lloyd and Karen Pulley at Ark Encounter

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