The Good Dinosaur Movie—More Evolutionary Indoctrination for Kids

by Ken Ham on October 14, 2015

I wrote back in June about my concerns with the new Pixar animated film The Good Dinosaur coming out this Thanksgiving. Based on the teaser trailer, it appeared that the movie would be full of evolutionary content. Well, a recently released full-length trailer only confirms what I thought back in June.

This new movie claims to show what might have happened if the supposed asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs in the most popular evolutionary dinosaur extinction theory had missed Earth. In the trailer, an Apatosaurus meets up with a young boy and they travel together. Now, the evolutionary presuppositions behind the film come out in the depiction of the boy in the trailer. He acts more like an animal than a human and appears not to be very intelligent. He growls, howls, and bites, but never speaks. It seems to me that the intended impression is that this young boy has not quite yet evolved to be fully human.

Now, instead of going to see this evolutionary indoctrination film with your kids this Thanksgiving, I encourage you to make a trip to the Creation Museum instead (or plan to come when you are able). Here at the museum you can see dinosaurs accurately depicted in a biblical light, rather than an evolutionary one, and corroborated by solid science. At the Creation Museum you can see for yourself a time when dinosaurs and man did live together, only a few thousand years ago. You and your family will love the animatronic dinosaurs, the dinosaur den, and Rexy, our friendly T. rex that walks around the grounds. And, of course, see our stunning $1 million allosaur skeleton.

Be sure to take advantage of our special 2 Buy 2 promotion—buy two tickets, and get two free! And for October kids are free for Alien Invasion month here at the museum.* There’s a lot going on with a free booklet for each family and free tickets to the brand-new planetarium show on a biblical view of aliens when you come dressed as an alien! You’ll definitely want to be part of all the fun going on this month at the Creation Museum!

You can read this article to learn what really happened to the dinosaurs.

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