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Are you a subscriber to our family-friendly Answers magazine? If not, you’ll want to subscribe right away so you don’t miss another apologetics-packed issue that will equip you and strengthen your faith.

Answers magazine arrives once every quarter and is packed with faith-building articles on creation and the Bible’s authority and reliability for all of life. And as school has started up again, the magazine makes a great gift to equip your college or high-school students to defend their faith and answer the skeptical questions of this age. You can even give them a digital subscription that they can read on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

This quarter’s issue will show you the dangers of accepting the idea of alien life and how to defend biblical marriage against our culture’s attempts to redefine it. Readers can also marvel at God’s incredible design for rhinos to convert local rubbish into high-grade fuel and learn how Christians should approach environmental problems—are environmentalists right, or should we take a different view?

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the exciting content in the latest issue of our family magazine, Answers, as shared with me by the editors:

  • How to Prevent Losing Another Generation
    Polls show that the twentysomethings sitting next to you in the pews may not embrace your faith. What happened to them? Can we do anything to prevent losing yet another generation? I encourage you to read this summary of our new book, Ready to Return.

  • Atheists Agree: Truth Is a Moral Issue
    Even atheists admit that people who err in their thinking about origins aren’t necessarily “ignorant, stupid, or insane.” There is a fourth option—and God’s Word would agree with them.

  • Hidden Powers in Action
    Every time a Little Leaguer lines up to bat, hidden powers come into play. These extra senses—beyond the main five—help him accomplish feats that would otherwise be impossible. But those abilities aren’t limited to sports—God has given you hidden powers that you use every day.

  • Embarrassed by the Bible
    When people ask why we believe what we do, many are hesitant to quote the Bible. After all, few people believe the Bible, and many things it says are hard to explain. But the Bible is the ultimate authority for answering those difficult questions.

  • Sifting Through Layers of Meaning
    According to science textbooks, a series of rock layers covers the earth, representing many eras over “millions of years.” Do these charts have any connection with reality?

In “Parents’ Corner,” missionary and homeschool mom Libby Wild shares how she and her husband have instilled a biblical work ethic in their sons in a remote, mountainous jungle. And in an exclusive interview, Rosaria Butterfield shares her testimony of how God transformed her from a lesbian activist into a servant of Christ. Subscribers can listen to the entire interview online.

And you’ll find much more, from the odd design of the boxfish to the unsurpassed engineering of the human arm, as well as a biblical perspective on science and culture news and inspiring profiles of people God is using to make a gospel impact with their talents and interests.

Each issue also includes a pull-out mini-magazine just for kids—your children or grandchildren will love this special magazine just for them. This issue they’ll read a graphic novel-style presentation of Christ’s birth and ministry on earth that won’t just entertain them. It will help them develop a biblical worldview right from a young age.

You can subscribe to Answers online—and you’ll even receive a free video download when you do.

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