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While sometimes I’m made fun of by staff in the AiG offices for enjoying science fiction TV programs like Doctor Who and Star Trek, I do admit that I’ve had a long fascination with such shows. Now, many people think that I just spend most of my time exposing the “science fiction” of evolution, but I do like relaxing by watching a Doctor Who episode after a busy day. Although, I must say that with the culture becoming more anti-Christian every day, even though the program is geared for the family, I have noticed that Doctor Who has increasingly incorporated unbiblical themes in addition to promoting the evolutionary worldview.

Over the years, I have written and spoken a lot about the possibility of intelligent life in outer space and of UFOs. So I was excited to be able to collaborate with Dr. Danny Faulkner, our staff astronomer, and our talented video and animation team to produce a new planetarium program at the Creation Museum called Aliens: Fact or Fiction? In fact, I shared with the staff recently that it’s a world-class production. This film, shown in our Stargazer’s Planetarium, shares how our Western nations are captivated by UFO/ET films (including people in the silent film era almost 100 years ago) and TV programs. And there is the release later this year of another Star Wars film. Such things in our popular culture lead a lot of children, teens, and adults to wonder if there really is intelligent life in outer space.

Surprisingly, the Bible can shed some light on this question of life in outer space. We delve into that topic in our new 20-minute planetarium show Aliens: Fact or Fiction? at the Creation Museum. To encourage young people to visit the museum in October, and rather than focus on the promotion of evil and death during this Halloween season, all children under 12 will be admitted free to the museum* (of course, they need to be accompanied by an appropriate number of responsible adults at all times), and you can still come 2 Buy 2 to buy two tickets and get two free. Kids might even get a sweet treat at the entrance to the museum and every family can go home with a free booklet about aliens while supplies last. Also, if you wear an alien-type costume, we’ll allow you to watch our new planetarium show at no additional charge, but please do not bring any weapons or anything that resembles a weapon—they will not be allowed in the museum facility. It’s yet another way for us to make sure that our children, who are often “evolutionized” as they watch movies, attend government-run schools, read textbooks and online articles, and so on, about life in outer space will hear the Christian worldview about the possibility, starting from the Bible’s very first verse.

Visit our museum website to learn more about this world-class planetarium show Aliens: Fact or Fiction? plus the other things going on at the museum this October that relate to an aliens theme (like special presentations on UFOs).

Now that this blog is posted, I know I’m going to have to endure another round of ribbing by those in the office about my many Doctor Who memorabilia scattered throughout my office! They just don’t have an appreciation for British TV programs!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

*Restrictions apply. See website for details.

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