“I Jump with Excitement When I Just Hear the Music!”

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For almost 21 years now we’ve been recording a daily radio program called Answers with Ken Ham. This 60-second radio feature (for which we have now accumulated over 5,000 scripts) is fast-paced and very popular—it’s been airing internationally since 1994! We reformatted it in 2012, and the number of confirmed stations has exploded by more than 50 percent in just three years! Answers with Ken Ham is now carried every weekday on nearly 900 stations.

I use each short program to show how God’s Word needs to be the foundation for our thinking as we determine how to respond to the fast-changing trends and events in our modern culture. Listeners are encouraged to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning,and to become better equipped to answer the skeptical questions of this age with solid apologetics material. Actually, many people probably don’t realize that it’s sometimes harder to script and produce a 1-minute program than it is to create a new 30-minute talk!

Here are some comments we’ve received recently about the impact of these daily programs:

I just love listening to ‘Answers with Ken Ham.’ I really feel better equipped to defend my faith every time I listen to one of these segments. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do.
–Courtney C.
I use your material to teach apologetics to my children’s church boys and girls, ages 7-12. They are learning how to verbalize truth. Thank you!
–Sarah S.
I jump with excitement when I just hear the music!!!
–Anthony C.
I am not inclined to understand scientific matters. As an ordained minister who does most of his ministry in the world outside of the building, [Answers] is one of my greatest resources for witnessing to intellectual types.
–Dennis W.
I have listened to Ken for years . . . awesome faith mentor!!
–Thomas P.

You can learn more about Answers with Ken Ham at AnswersRadio.com.

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