Could Crosses Ever Be Outlawed in America?

by Ken Ham on August 6, 2015

We pray this would never happen in America—but it’s reported to be happening in China as you will read below. Meanwhile, the free exercise of Christianity is definitely under threat in the US, as I have posted about many times. A recent Associated Press news report stated,

Authorities in southeastern Zhejiang province are believed to be under a two-month deadline to remove crosses from the spires, vaults, roofs and wall arches of the 4,000 or so churches that dot the landscape of this economically thriving region.

In a rare move, even China's semiofficial Christian associations—which are supposed to ensure the ruling Communist Party's control over Protestant and Catholic groups—have denounced the campaign as unconstitutional and humiliating. They have warned that it could risk turning the faithful into enemies of the party.

The campaign is believed to be the will of President and Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, whose administration has launched the most severe crackdown in decades on social forces that might challenge the monopoly of the party's rule.

I wonder if President Obama will publicly speak out against the ongoing religious persecution in China?

Read the full report here.

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