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Visiting the Ark Site with Jet Lag

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So after arriving home from Australia, and now in a jet-lagged state, what was the first thing my wife and I did? Go to the life-size Ark construction site at Williamstown, Kentucky, of course, to receive an update from the construction superintendent.

Ken and Mally Ken and Mally

It’s amazing to see the progress. We were able to climb up to deck 4—the roof deck. From there you can clearly see the 4,000-space parking area (about 1 mile away by the shuttle road).

Overlook to the Parking Lot

Two of the three towers (that contain stairs, elevators, and restrooms—and anchor the Ark for wind load) are now at 60 feet high—only 16 more feet to go for these two!


Workers are also working on glulams on the ground installing the siding—these will then go up on the sides of the Ark.

Glulam From Far Away Glulam Close Up

In the meantime, our design staff are busy building the many exhibits that will go inside the Ark. Keep up to date and find out more about what we believe will be one of the greatest Christian attractions and outreaches in the world, as this life-size Noah's Ark is constructed (which we understand will be the biggest timber frame building in the world) at

Ark Bents

The Ark will be opening sometime in 2016 (exact date yet to be determined—probably late summer).

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