Bill Nye on Homosexual Behavior

by Ken Ham on July 21, 2015

With the recent SCOTUS decision, homosexuality is a hotter topic than ever before. It seems that everyone is talking about it right now. Well, in a recent Big Think video, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” was asked about homosexual behavior in an evolutionary worldview: “If the purpose of a species is to reproduce and survive how would it make sense evolutionarily for humans to have same-sex preferences? Are humans the only ones who practice homosexuality? And if this is so, does this mean that homosexuality is the product of humans personal whim as opposed to instinct?”

Bill Nye basically answered this question by pointing out that some animals, specifically chimpanzees and bonobos (cousins of the chimpanzee from the same created kind), exhibit homosexual tendencies. He concluded by saying that, “apparently it’s just something that happens in nature, and look we’re all here.”

But does it really matter if homosexual behavior occurs in nature? Many people will point to these homosexual tendencies in nature and argue that, because it occurs in nature, it must be natural for humans as well and therefore it must be fine. But does this have any bearing on the morality of the issue of homosexuality? Of course not! First of all, contrary to what evolutionists say, we are not just highly evolved animals. This idea is just the product of an evolutionary way of viewing the past. But God’s Word gives us the true history of the Earth, and according to God’s Word man is made distinct from the animals in the very image of God (Genesis 1:26–27). We are not animals—we are specially crafted in the very image of our Creator. So what the animal kingdom does is irrelevant to human morality because we are not animals! We are beings who will be held accountable before the Judge for our choices and actions.

Also, if the animal kingdom is your guide for morality, then why not do everything that animals do? After all, some animals eat their babies, others eat their mate, some steal from each other, and others fight aggressively over a mate. And 90% of mammals have multiple mates. Should humans practice all of these behaviors? Of course not! So why is homosexuality somehow different? Why is it that people appeal to the animal kingdom to legitimize homosexual behavior but not cannibalism or violence? This is incredibly inconsistent and it shows that the argument simply does not work.

Homosexual behavior is wrong regardless of whether some animals have homosexual tendencies or not because our Creator says that it is wrong (Romans 1:18–32; 1 Corinthians 6:10) and it goes against God’s created order (Romans 1:26–27). We should not appeal to fallen nature—which is groaning in anticipation of the coming deliverance (Romans 8:22) and is under a Curse from the Fall—to try to legitimize our sinful tendencies. Instead, we need to repent and put our faith and trust in God and in His Word and in the gospel of Jesus Christ who came and took the penalty for our sin upon Himself so that we might have forgiveness and eternal life.

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