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If you haven’t been following the Wild family’s adventures as missionaries in the jungles of Southeast Asia, now is a great time to learn about who they are and what they are doing. This family has been living and sharing the gospel to an unreached tribal group on an Asian island for many years. Well, not only do we feature their blogs on our website but we also carry their reality DVD series in our bookstore! The four Wild sons—Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher—have filmed a series about what it’s like living in the remote jungle, sharing the gospel with an animistic tribe. The oldest Wild brother, Morgan, wrote a blog about why they are making this video series. He writes,

It seems that many people are compromising on the truth of the Bible and its authority over their lives. It comes down to this: If God’s Word isn’t our foundation and the tool which we use to interpret the world around us, then we are on shaky ground and it will affect each part of our lives. It will not only affect how we decide to live and use our lives, but also how we look at creation and science. . . .

My brothers and I want to make a difference and an impact on young people. And being young people ourselves, I realized that this is a way we can really challenge, teach, and strengthen our generation, many of whom are turning away from God and His Word.

You can read Morgan Wild’s full blog post. I encourage you to consider ordering their DVDs for your children or grandchildren. They are an excellent alternative to evolutionary secular TV and video programming. You can order The Wild Brothers: Welcome to Our World and the brand-new DVD Jewels of the Jungle in our online store. These DVDs are sure to encourage children to follow the Lord wherever He leads and put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and in His Word because, as the Wilds say, “Following Jesus Christ is the ultimate adventure!”

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