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by Morgan Wild on July 6, 2015
Morgan with video camera

Most of my life has been spent in Southeast Asia as a missionary kid. I (Morgan) have been geographically removed from my American culture, and yet I can still watch it from a distance. And, in a lot of ways, what I see makes me sad.

It seems that many people are compromising on the truth of the Bible and its authority over their lives. It comes down to this: If God’s Word isn’t our foundation and the tool which we use to interpret the world around us, then we are on shaky ground and it will affect each part of our lives. It will not only affect how we decide to live and use our lives, but also how we look at creation and science.

My brothers and I have been raised in a unique setting. Our parents have made it their mission to raise us grounded on the firm foundation of God’s Word. That, and our enthusiasm for science and discovery, has led to the adventurous life that we lead.

I saw the opportunity to use our unique situation to glorify God by creating this video series that sums up our ministry, family beliefs, love for God’s creation, and excitement for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Morgan with video camera

My brothers and I want to make a difference and an impact on young people. And being young people ourselves, I realized that this is a way we can really challenge, teach, and strengthen our generation, many of whom are turning away from God and His Word.

Our second adventure, Jewels of the Jungle, was just released. We invite you to join us as we catch strange bugs—jewels of the jungle in all sizes and colors. We net plenty of rare butterflies and one that is even new to scientific discovery. You can watch a trailer for the video below and learn more about our DVD series on the website.

What will happen with this video series? I honestly have no idea. But I am confident that it’s in the Lord’s hands. We continue to say that the main goal for it is to bring glory to God, who has brought our family this far and will continue to take us where He wills.

A motto that drives us forward each day is the expectation and promise of this: Following Jesus Christ is the ultimate adventure!

*The views expressed by the Wild family are their own and not necessarily those of Answers in Genesis.

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