“Evolution: Not a Chance!”

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AiG's Dr. David Menton is a very popular speaker here at the Creation Museum. He often uses his expertise in cell biology (his PhD is in that field, from Brown University) and anatomy as he speaks in our state-of-the-art Legacy Hall or does special workshops on topics such as the incredible design of the human body, including your skin, eyes, ears, and bones. One of his popular talks at the museum is “Evolution: Not a Chance!” But you don’t have to come to the Creation Museum to hear this engaging, humorous, and informative presentation—you can watch it in the comfort of your own home!

“Evolution: Not a Chance!” looks into the mathematical probabilities of evolution ever occurring. Young and old alike will enjoy watching Dr. Menton use illusions to bring this point home: if we scoff at the idea of something with a 1-in-4 or a 1-in-120 chance of coming true actually occurring randomly, without intelligence, then how much more credulity is involved in believing in evolution? Dr. Menton clearly shows that there is statistically no way that the complex molecules of living systems arose by accidental processes. You are sure to enjoy Dr. Menton’s humorous talk, which drives home the point that evolution doesn’t stand a chance compared to the truth of science and God’s Word.

You can watch a clip of this talk here:

We live in a day and age where many people have rejected God’s Word and embraced evolutionary ideas about the past. But these views are bankrupt and aren’t supported by the observational evidence. We need to equip ourselves to dialogue with others about the impossibility of evolution and point them towards the Creator, Christ. This DVD will help you do just that. You can order a copy.

Also, our website is packed with free resources for you, including more than 10,000 articles. You can read some of these articles to learn more about the probability (or improbability!) of evolution.

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