South Carolina, “Races,” Racism, Skin “Color,” Prejudice, “Interracial" Marriage . . . and More.

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I have been amazed to read many wrong or misleading comments on TV programs, in newspapers, and on the web discussing the topic of “race” as it relates to the horrible South Carolina church shooting last week. I have also been shocked to read many uninformed comments on my Facebook page as people responded to information I posted on the South Carolina tragedy and the “race” issue in America.

So many people just do not understand things like the genetics of skin shade (I don’t like the words “skin color," by the way), issues pertaining to so-called “interracial” marriage, and the topic of “race” when it comes to human beings. I urge you to read an illustrated article I wrote that covers all these topics and more on “races” and the solution for true racial reconciliation. And I urge you to share this article with as many people as you can. Let’s get these truths out, which are actually easy to understand, to the general public who by and large doesn’t get it in regard to such important issues!

Sadly, most churches have not taught what the Bible says on these subjects, or have taught them incorrectly—and most people in our churches have been educated (or should I say “uneducated”) in the public education system that largely does not teach such topics correctly. This article really summarizes, and in an easy to understand way, the answer to racism and prejudice that still permeates the culture and even parts of the church.

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