Cursed Plants?

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We all know what a Venus Fly Trap is, and we’re captivated as we watch it snap shut and “swallow” insects. But do you know why this incredible plant needs these insects? And were you aware that there are many varieties of these “carnivorous” plants? Some of them catch insects, or even small frogs or mammals. Others act like flypaper and catch insects on a sticky fluid. There are even some that build up a vacuum chamber that sucks in small creatures when the trap is triggered.

Venus Fly Trap

Image by Tristan Gillingwater [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], reproduced from Wikimedia Commons.

But how do creatures get lured into these traps, and why can’t they get out? Is this how God designed them at the very beginning, or has something happened since Day Three of creation, when God looked at all created plants and saw that they “were good”?

At the Creation Museum, we sometimes offer a fascinating workshop called Cursed Plants, presented by carnivorous plant expert Ron Dudek of Michigan. His enthusiasm is contagious as he presents a fact-filled (and often humorous) presentation for our museum guests. Ron brings along many plants from his personal collection so that you can take a look at them and learn about “creation gone backwards!” Here is a photo of our good friend Ron and me in my office recently.

Ron Dudek with Ken Ham

I encourage you to learn more about another type of carnivorous plant, the pitcher plant, on our website. If you are planning a trip to the Creation Museum, be sure to check our calendar before you come because you’ll want to make sure you’ll get an opportunity to see “Cursed Plants—Exploring the Mysterious World of Carnivorous Plants.” Join us on a fascinating journey into a mysterious part of creation where plants actually are predators!

I praise the Lord for all the exciting programs we are able to offer at the Creation Museum. And this year we have our 2 Buy 2 program—buy two tickets to the Creation Museum and receive two tickets of equal or lesser value free. Find out about the 2 Buy 2 program on our website.

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