Save the Storks!

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An unusual-looking vehicle was spotted in the Creation Museum parking lot recently. With the words “Save the Storks” on the side, the bus caught the attention of many people. These “stork buses” are part of a non-profit ministry that, in Christian love, reaches out to women as “mobile medical units.” These buses are used by many pregnancy centers across the nation to provide pregnant women with free 3-D sonograms (or ultrasounds). It allows pro-life Stork Bus affiliates to go to troubled pregnant women, instead of waiting for them to come to them. The sonograms give women the opportunity to see the image of their babies, and they can be a powerful way to convince women not to terminate their pregnancy. According to their website, 3 in 5 women choose life after seeing an ultrasound of their baby on a Stork Bus!

Save the Storks

As a ministry known to be very pro-life (e.g., the production of pro-life books and videos, plus a significant award), AiG encourages you to check out the group’s website:

Also, watch this excellent video by Dr. Tommy Mitchell of our staff (he's a medical doctor) for a powerful presentation on when human life begins:

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