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About 1300 newspapers use the famous B.C. comic strip that was originally produced by the late Johnny Hart. According to The Comics Journal, “In 2001, Hart was inducted into the Guinness World Records as ‘the most syndicated living cartoonist’ because the combined circulation of his strips [Wizard of ID and B.C.] hit 2,600, allegedly more than any other.” Johnny Hart, was a good friend of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. (Read more on our website.)

To fully understand this particular comic strip published today, you also have to know about a news item from this month that declared,

The Brontosaurus really did exist, scientists have decided, ending a debate which has rumbled on for more than 100 years, The huge dinosaur was discovered in the 1870s, but by 1903 palaeontologists ruled the fossil remains were actually from an Apatosaurus.

However a new statistical analysis of the fossils by Oxford University has seen the dinosaur resurrected. Scientists have ruled that it is unique and should have its own genus.

I encourage you to enjoy the comic strip here.

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