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by Ken Ham on April 16, 2015

There are very few (compared to the total number) Christian colleges/universities (and Bible colleges and seminaries) that take an ardent stand on a literal Genesis (six literal days, global Flood, young earth/universe, and so on) as Answers in Genesis does.

That’s why it was such a thrill for me to be able to speak to faculty, other staff, students, and guests at Maranatha Baptist University in Wisconsin recently. And what a delight it was when the president of the university, Dr. Marriott, introduced me by stating to everyone present that faculty member and staff (and it’s necessary for their employment at this school, too) believe in a literal Genesis as Answers in Genesis does.

Here is a photograph taken while I was speaking at MBU:

Maranatha Baptist University

Answers in Genesis has created a website of creationist colleges. The Christian colleges promoted on this site are ones whose presidents have affirmed in writing their personal agreement with AiG’s statement of faith. Now we do add this disclaimer:

Affirmation of the AiG statement of faith by the school’s president is, of course no guarantee that all professors/textbooks/courses etc., take the same stand on God’s Word including Genesis as they should—but it is a start for parents wanting a short list to research.

You can see the list of colleges at this link.

While I was at MBU I also had the opportunity to answer questions from science students about Genesis, evolution, creation, and so on. Here is a photo of some of the students in the classroom who were asking the questions:

Maranatha Baptist University

Praise the Lord there are creationist colleges like MBU that are dedicated to producing high-quality graduates who also are equipped to defend the Christian faith and stand uncompromisingly on the authority of the Word of God.

Dr. Marriott visited the Creation Museum a few years ago, along with many of his family—where they held something of a family reunion. Here is photo of Dr. Marriott with me during his museum visit.

Ken with Dr. Marriott

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