Come “Two Buy Two” to the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on March 29, 2015

2015 is a great year to visit the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky! Now that the cold, snowy, and icy conditions in Northern Kentucky seem to be behind us and spring has come, people are starting to pour into the Creation Museum for another busy year. Also, the zip line course (the biggest and best in the Midwest) is now open for the 2015 season. This year, as we lead up to the opening of the Ark Encounter sometime in the summer of 2016, we are offering a “two buy two”* program—buy two adult tickets to the Creation Museum and receive two tickets of equal or lesser value free! This is a great offer for families this year!

Watch this short animated video that features . . . well, it features someone who looks like me and gives more details about this exciting promotion:

Last year was “Kids Free 2014,” and we saw record numbers of kids come through the museum. This year, we wanted young adults to be able to come. So many of our young people are walking away from the faith after college, but they’re actually deciding to do this when they were still in high school or even in junior high! This is largely due to unanswered questions they have about their faith. Our young people are having their faith attacked like never before by atheistic teachers professors.

We need to equip them to stand firmly on God’s Word from the very beginning! This means we need to give them solid answers for why we can trust the Bible. At the Creation Museum, students will see how science supports God’s Word from the very beginning. I encourage you to bring your young people “two buy two” to the Creation Museum this year!

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*Note the allusion to Genesis 7:9 and Noah’s Ark: “two by two they went into the ark to Noah”

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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