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Reportedly a member of the Scottish Parliament is working to get creation taught in schools, along with evolution. He argues that since “neither creationism nor evolution can be proved by science” but, rather, what you believe about both is determined by “assumptions being made on both sides” about the existence of God, both views should be taught to students.

Now, as we’ve stated before, Answers in Genesis does not advocate for teachers being required to teach creation in public schools. After all, an atheistic teacher would likely not present creation fairly anyway but would probably openly mock or misrepresent it. But we do support students being allowed to think and decide for themselves. Currently in the USA and virtually all the western world, students are just being taught one side of the story and teachers aren’t even allowed to present the grave problems with evolution to their students! In reality, Western public schools have told teachers that they must protect evolutionary naturalism. This is not education; this is indoctrination.

Students deserve to be able to see both sides and be able to make a decision for themselves. At the very least, teachers should be able to point out problems with evolution. But ideally teachers should have the freedom to allow their students to think about the two different worldviews of creation and evolution and decide for themselves. Students deserve to be able to develop critical thinking skills by having the freedom to think and chose as they weigh the evidence. They also need to be taught the difference between observational and historical science and how this difference applies to the topic of origins (specifically, creation vs. evolution). But this won’t happen when teachers don’t have the freedom to even present the problems with evolution!

As Christians, we need to be bold and purposeful in teaching our own children to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning. We need to show our children the major scientific problems with evolution and show them how the evidence confirms God’s Word in Genesis, not evolutionary ideas about the past.

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