Schools Removing Pork ... and God

by Ken Ham on February 17, 2015

Schools in Islington in the United Kingdom will no longer be serving pork products at lunch. Reportedly, pork has been banned from all of Islington’s primary schools because “it is too expensive to check whether pupils in its primary schools can eat sausages, bacon and pork chops due to their religious beliefs.”

According to news reports, some residents are upset by this decision. One local business owner reportedly said, “There are so many religions in this country and if listened to all of them then you would not eat anything” and another resident stated, “We are pandering to other religions too much—kids that don't eat pork should take packed lunches. It is not up to us to pander to their requirements.”

Now, what I thought was interesting about this is that the school is “pandering” to the religious requirements of some of the students in this school and some of the local residents are upset about this. And yet the schools, if they are like other schools across the Western world, are pandering every day to another religion—atheism! By teaching evolution and millions of years exclusively to students, what they are really doing is teaching a religion of atheism and naturalism to generations of students. There is no neutrality—you are either for Christ or against Him and, sadly, the education system of the West is predominantly against Christ. In getting rid of God in schools, they have not eliminated religious teaching in school. Instead, in reality, all they have done is replaced any Christian worldview understanding of things with the worldview religion of atheistic naturalism.

As Christians, we need to stand against this religion of atheism by preaching the truth! We need to show children and adults that atheism is a hopeless, purposeless, meaningless religion that does not match with what we see in the world. We need to point them to the message of God’s Word from the very beginning and especially the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, Answers in Genesis does not advocate that public schools must only teach creation. Imagine an atheist teaching creation! But public schools should allow freedom by teachers and students to look at various beliefs. Right now, teachers and students aren’t even allowed to consider the problems with evolution. In essence, the public schools in the Western world have been told to protect the teaching of evolutionary naturalism!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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