Religious Liberty, President Obama, the Courts, and the 1964 Civil Rights Act

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In the news release we sent to the media yesterday, declaring that AiG is suing the state of Kentucky over our constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom, including our hiring rights at the future life-size Ark we are building, we shared the following fascinating information: The AiG “lawsuit was filed a few hours after President Barack Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he declared that America must ‘constantly reaffirm that fundamental freedom: freedom of religion . . . and to do so free of persecution, and fear, and discrimination.’ In addition, this same afternoon the US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit released an opinion (in Conlon v. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) reaffirming that faith-based groups have an essential constitutional right to make employment decisions consistent with their religious beliefs.”

Incredible timing!

Now of course, what some people consider to be “religious freedom” today does not match up with the law and the US Constitution—as we see happening all across the USA in various ways. Before anyone tries to write me back and say that AiG must open hiring to non-Christians at the future Ark, they should first watch the video linked to in the article and learn (from an attorney) about the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Section VII) and what our rights are as a religious organization.

Read our news release, and please watch the video linked to inside the release that explains the Civil Rights Act and the hiring rights of a religious organization like AiG.

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