We Need to Respond to Atheist Propaganda!

by Ken Ham on January 16, 2015

Christianity is under attack: We need to respond to atheist propaganda! I have written a new article on this topic.

Did you notice how so many atheists on my public Facebook page were very upset last night? It was because I called atheism what it is—a religion!

So many of these people showed their intolerance for Christianity. We had to ban many of them for various reasons—name calling, foul language, and so on. For too long secularists have been intimidating Christians in this culture.

I encourage you to read my article where I challenge Christians to start using the right sort of terminology to help undo the atheist propaganda that has greatly affected this nation and boldly spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to keep emphasizing that atheism is a religion—it's an anti-God religion. So many atheists show their utter intolerance (as they do daily on my Facebook page) in the way they act and what they say—and mostly it's an intolerance of Christianity. These people have been imposing their anti-God religion on the culture.

Let's start an active campaign to use certain terminology as we deal with the spiritual war in this culture—you can read my article at the link below where I discuss such terminology secularists use, and how to respond to it. Atheism is a religion. Molecules-to-man evolution and millions of years are a part of this secularist religion to explain life without God. They worship the creature instead of the Creator (Romans 1). These people are deliberately “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” as Romans 1 clearly states. I encourage you to read my article and send it to as many of your friends and church leaders as possible.

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