Our Popular Answers for Women Conference Is Back!

by Ken Ham on January 12, 2015

What do you say when a friend confesses to adultery? Or when your sister tells you she’s a lesbian? What about when a niece aborts her unborn child? Women face some of the toughest issues in this sin-cursed world. Every year since 2012 we have hosted a special Answers for Women conference here at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky to help address some of those questions. These conferences are well attended—350 women participated last year—and we have received a lot of positive feedback from women who loved the solid, biblically based teaching. Well, this popular conference is back for 2015!

Registration is now open for this year’s Answers for Women conference, Embrace: Compassionate Answers in a Fallen World. This conference will feature our own Dr. Georgia Purdom, as well as Dr. Joy Fagan, Rose Colón, Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, Camille Cates, and Stacia Mckeever. In addition to getting the practical teaching from God’s Word, conference attendees will be treated to a drama presentation by Vickie Gaynier titled, TitanicThe Lost and the Saved.

In a recent blog post, Dr. Purdom described the practical topics that this conference will be addressing:

Since AiG began hosting a women’s conference several years ago, I have desired to provide a conference dealing with some of the major cultural issues of our day. Our 2015 conference will do just that and is reflected by our theme, Embrace: Compassionate Answers for a Fallen World.

Just recently, I received an email from a friend who is pregnant and whose baby has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. I hesitated as to how I should respond. I’m happy that she is going to have a baby, but I also know that the child will have to deal with major physical and mental disabilities. What should I type in reply? Over the past decade, several of my friends have committed adultery, and I’ve seen the destruction it has brought to their spouses and children. How do I help?

We certainly live in a fallen world, and we all know someone who has experienced the effects of this sin-cursed world . . . someone who is hurting. An important part of apologetics (defending the faith) is helping people understand the effects of sin in our fallen world and, when necessary, confronting people about their sin.

Equip yourself to help others who are hurting and lost with solid biblical teaching and practical advice from the Word of God. This conference is an excellent way to equip yourself to compassionately have “a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). Be equipped to stand boldly on the Word of God, from the beginning, without compromise.

And, as a bonus, the husbands and children of attendees receive free tickets to the Creation Museum (west of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport)! It’s a great reason for the whole family to make a trip to this world-class museum. Early bird pricing for the April 17–18, 2015, conference ends on January 31, so be sure to sign up for this one-of-a-kind conference right away. You can register and view a full schedule of events here.

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