AP Publishes Fair Article On Ark Encounter and State Controversy

by Ken Ham on January 4, 2015

I was pleased to read an article today by The Associated Press that was quite fair in how the reporter summarized the struggle between our Ark Encounter project and the state of the Kentucky over the state’s denial of a future sales tax rebate for the Ark. The state has told us that the Ark must be open to hiring anyone and that we are too religious.

Instead of rehashing the usual sound bites coming out of the atheist/secularist propaganda machine that has been disseminating so much false and misleading information about the Ark (which appear in many media reports), this AP reporter took a balanced approach—and even talked to a law professor in Kentucky about the legality of the state’s denial.

The AP article, which is now being picked up by news outlets around the country, shared the following about the law professor’s views of the current struggle:

The group [AiG and the Ark Encounter] could have an effective legal argument, since religious employers are allowed some exemptions and exceptions, an employment law expert said. "If you're a religious employer and you're hiring people to perform the activities that advance your religious purpose or your religious mission, then you are not bound by the prohibition against religious discrimination that an employer would normally be bound by," said Scott R. Bauries, a University of Kentucky associate law professor who specializes in state constitutional law and employment law.​
I encourage you to read the entire AP article that appears on the website of a TV station near AiG.

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