Creation Museum “Overwhelming, Refreshing, and Encouraging”

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Since the Creation Museum opened in 2007, we have received hundreds of encouraging emails, letters, and posts on social media thanking us for proclaiming the truth of God’s Word in such a high-quality format. I thought I would share a few of these notes from Facebook to encourage you with the impact that this first-class museum is having:

Great updates to the Creation Museum guys. Loved . . . the new fossils, glowing rocks and scorpions and HD graphics in the planetarium! Will definitely be back when the Ark Encounter opens for certain! (LORD willing) The food in NOAH'S Cafe was delicious as well. The veggie pizza was out-of-this-flood good. – K. G. P.
We just visited your museum and it was fantastic! Well done and thank you for all you're doing! Can't wait for the Ark exhibit to open up! –M. S.
We recently visited the Creation Museum, it was beautiful. I cried when I entered the beginning exhibit, it was so overwhelming, refreshing, and encouraging to see. For every museum I have ever entered has shoved evolution down my throat, but at the CM I saw creation and I was wrapped in God's Word. Thank you for this museum, it is truly a ministry and blessing. It has stirred our hearts and caused me and my household to go out and speak truth in love. –G. B.
Wonderful place…. wonderful day….. wonderful people. –C. H.
Really interesting! Lots to see. The exhibits are so life like you'd think they were real. –S. Q. W.
Almost home from our trip to the Creation Museum! There was ten in our group and we had a fantastic visit! Thanks so much for building this place!! Such an encouragement to go somewhere that aligns with our beliefs and values. Looking forward to another visit! – A. M. S.
If you’ve never made the trip to Northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati) to visit the Creation Museum, I encourage you to see it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed and, most of all, you will be encouraged to start your thinking with God’s Word in every area. A trip to the Creation Museum is a great opportunity to challenge friends or relatives who do not know Christ with the evidence that supports the accuracy of the Scriptures and with a presentation of the gospel.

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