“That Guy”

by Ken Ham on November 22, 2014

Well, I’m “That Guy” again!

Is Bill Nye (TV’s “the Science Guy”) so afraid of us that he can’t utter my name? He has done a number of TV interviews lately, and he just won’t mention my name when he’s asked by interviewers about our February debate at the Creation Museum. Time and time again he just calls me “That Guy.”

I know that he has the rights to use the debate video (as we also do), but he doesn’t seem to want people to watch the debate. On our websites we promote the links to the debate on YouTube and we also sell the DVDs of the uncut debate with bonus features. We also have recently released a highly detailed book that Bodie Hodge and I coauthored about the debate titled Inside the Nye/Ham Debate.

But why do Nye (and other secularists) avoid promoting the actual debate video? I believe it’s because they really don’t want people to hear me explain the difference between “historical science” and “observational science.” And they don’t want the public to know that biblical creationists can be (and are) world-renowned scientists, as I documented in the debate. In the debate I also clearly showed that the origins battle is really a worldview clash, and that was obvious as you watched Bill Nye and me.

It was interesting to note that while many reporters covered the debate, there were only two major TV news networks there. One was ABC and the other was Fox News. Recently Fox Business conducted an interview with Bill Nye that promoted his new book, one that is intended to indoctrinate kids and adults in evolutionary naturalism.

In the Fox interview, Bill made his usual claim that, if children are not taught evolution but are taught creation, this will undermine science (and technology). He also made the same old accusation he has made many times recently that we (specifically me) supposedly deny climate change! We don’t reject climate change, but we differ on why climate change occurs over time.

In this interview, in referring to me and the debate, Bill Nye stated the following over the course of the interview:

There are people here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky that work very hard, diligently, to indoctrinate young people . . . . These people are telling you that the earth is 6,000 years old. . . .

The people I debated in Kentucky . . . . The same people that deny evolution also deny climate change . . . .

This guy in Kentucky . . . . The same guy who is indoctrinating young people . . . and you can ignore everything you observe in nature, that same guy . . . that guy.

Wow! He just really doesn’t want to mention Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, or my name! This is obviously deliberate on his part—I don’t believe he wants people to be searching for my name or our organization’s name so people can read and hear what we actually teach. Also, I believe that Bill just doesn’t want people to watch our debate and find out the truth about science and what creationists believe and can confirm.

Really, I think it’s quite silly of Bill Nye to act like this. People must be saying: “Bill, face up to the fact that it was Ken Ham you debated at the Creation Museum, run by Answers in Genesis. You don’t need to be afraid of his name—unless you are afraid that people will be challenged to question evolution and find out the truth about what Ken and AiG believe and why.”

Again, if you want to see the debate between Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and “That Guy,” watch it free on YouTube. You can also purchase the video and book on the debate.

The interview on Fox Business with Bill Nye runs six minutes. I encourage you to watch it, as you will see and hear for yourself what Bill Nye is saying about me, the debate, and the origins issue. You will also hear Bill say he is not a theist and, of course, state that he believes evolution is fact. He won’t admit he’s an atheist, but for all practical purposes (as you will hear in the interview) he is.

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