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Our friends from the National Bible Bee are gearing up for their national contest, and you’re invited to join in the festivities and watch the final rounds. The contestants will demonstrate their knowledge of Scripture and verse memorization skills in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday, October 29, through Saturday, November 1. It’s a true family celebration of their work through the summer studying the book of Jonah and their subsequent study of Nahum, along with many verses they have memorized. Even the children will be competing in three different age groups for great prizes, including many donated by AiG.

Along with the contest, there will be activities and speakers for the families to enjoy together. Our own Roger Patterson and his family will be there representing AiG and the Creation Museum with a booth to encourage the families to visit the museum using the free ticket each contestant will receive. He will also be sharing about our Answers Bible Curriculum, the new Camp Kilimanjaro VBS, and opportunities to bring church groups and youth groups to the museum through programs like our Ready to Fly promotion.

Be sure to tune in to watch the semi-final rounds on Friday and the final rounds on Saturday as they will be webcast live from Orlando. I am sure you will be encouraged hearing the participants recite God’s Word. I even recorded a special message for the contestants that will be played for them during these final rounds.

We thank God for ministries like the Bible Bee that stand on the authority of the Bible and seek to equip families to study God’s Word and memorize its wonderful truths. Through their work, they are providing parents with tools to train up their children to trust the Bible and to serve the Lord. To find out more about the live webcast of the final rounds and the new National Bible Bee Game Show that is being produced, visit them at

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