Creation Vacation at the Grand Canyon

by Ken Ham on October 19, 2014

Every year we are excited to partner with Canyon Ministries of Arizona to provide unforgettable raft trips down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River and through America’s biggest whitewater. AiG speakers—like Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Danny Faulkner, and Dr. Terry Mortenson—and Canyon Ministries’ guides teach Flood geology in the context of the beautiful Grand Canyon of northern Arizona, which stands as a testament to the global Flood of Noah’s day.

Jon Albert, the Executive Director of Canyon Ministries, describes the purpose of these trips this way:

The Word of God is the power for salvation (Romans 1). It is the revelation of the heart of God in written form. The life of the Christ follower and the church is centered in the Word of God. Because of this, it is one of Satan’s chief concerns to minimize the power of God’s Word and instill doubt in the heart of the believer. In Genesis 3 we see Satan using a simple, yet poignant question to accomplish this goal, “Did God actually say?” That is the same question he is asking today.

It is the joy and privilege of Canyon Ministries to provide people with the hands-on opportunities that many need to maintain confidence in God’s Word. The angels proclaimed to Isaiah that the whole earth is full of God’s glory (Isaiah 6).  Paul emphatically claims that all are without excuse because the invisible qualities of God are made plain by creation (Romans 1). We join the servants of old in shouting from the mountaintops and canyons deep that God, indeed, is Lord of all, and His Word is true and trustworthy from the very first verse. We speak of geology, anthropology, history, biology, astronomy, and archaeology. But it is always about God’s Word.

Grand Canyon
Jon Albert

My name is Jon Albert and I am the Executive Director of Canyon Ministries. I have been proclaiming the truth in the wilderness since 1992. I have walked with God and served His kingdom in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota, Glacier National Park, central and northern Wisconsin, Yellowstone National Park, Canada, Dominican Republic, and now Grand Canyon. Serving the kingdom through Canyon Ministries provides my family and me a front-row seat to the power of God’s Word and the impact it has in the hearts of people. We receive great joy as those we guide on the river and at the rim come alive with excitement in celebration of the testimony of creation to the truth of God’s Word.

We have witnessed tears of joy and overwhelming peace as God’s Word is read and explained at the rim of Grand Canyon. The river trip adventure provides the opportunity to place one hand on rocks that represent the power of God to create and the other on rocks that represent His sovereignty to judge. In doing so, you are simultaneously touching rocks from before and after the Flood. This experience impacts my heart every time.

We currently provide two life-changing opportunities at Grand Canyon.

River Trips

Our 4-, 7-, and 9-day river trips immerse you in the wonders of Grand Canyon and present the geology through the lens of God’s Word. The only thing that can rival the adventure of the hiking and whitewater is the adventure of your heart with God as each day explodes with brilliant light and closes with the dance of the stars.

Grand Canyon

Rim Tours

The tours on the South Rim of Grand Canyon capture the magnitude of the canyon from a lofty vantage point. Our 14-passenger bus carries you comfortably from overlook to overlook. Our guides present the geology and history of the canyon with great insight, humor, and patience.

Everybody can have the opportunity to stand at the edge of Grand Canyon and hear the Word of God proclaimed. We look forward to exploring the Grand Canyon and celebrating the word of God with you.

This is an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience (one that I took several years ago) and I encourage you to sign up for this dream “creation vacation.” For more information and how to reserve your spot, go to our Grand Canyon raft trips page.

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