Many Christian Colleges Compromise God’s Word

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Well, it’s back-to-school time again. Across the nation, millions of college students are headed to the campus, perhaps for the first time. Many parents—trying to protect their children from non-biblical ideas, like evolution—have sacrificed thousands of dollars to send their young people to a Christian college. Sadly, what many parents don’t realize is that many Christian colleges are already compromised.

These parents are sending their students into the schools assuming that they are going to be faith-nurturing and truth-affirming institutions. The sad reality is that many of the schools actively discredit faith, discredit the Bible, and break kids down rather than build them up. Tragically, many of these young people actually leave the Christian faith as a result.

Surveys—such as the one Britt Beemer from America’s Research Group did for us—have consistently shown that many Christian colleges are compromising on biblical principles by their answers to basic questions about the authority of the Bible. Parents need to be aware of what Christian colleges are teaching! They need to know that evolutionary ideas are rampant and many schools do not stand on biblical authority. These colleges allegorize or explain away the historicity of Genesis, and this attacks the very foundation of the faith—the gospel!

That’s why I (and a Christian college president, Greg Hall) took our survey results and wrote Already Compromised—to alert the church to the startling and incredibly dangerous compromise rife within Christian colleges. This year, as the students head off to school, take a moment and watch our special one-minute video about Already Compromised. I urge you to forward this video to your friends who are looking at paying very large sums of money to send a young person off to school:

I have had so many parents thank me for  coauthoring Already Compromised and recording the DVD series on the same subject. Most people had no idea that the Christian college they were considering—or that their child is already attending—teaches evolution as true and the reality of Adam and Eve as basically just another good “moral story.”

We’ve put together a special price on the book and DVDs that document this—even a special low, low “outreach” price on cases of the book for youth groups! I pray that many more parents (and professors!) will be diligent to help see that our Christian schools are teaching solid Christian doctrine—especially regarding biblical authority. Taking a stand on the truth of Genesis is at the very heart of this incredibly important issue!

Also, we have a special website that is designed to help parents decide on a Christian college. Be sure to visit Please join me in praying for our students (and their professors) as this new semester of college gets underway.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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