BBC Staff Told Not to Represent “Marginal Views” on Science Programs

by Ken Ham on July 19, 2014

First the United Kingdom bans the teaching of creation in schools, and now the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Trust prevents BBC journalists from fairly representing views on its science programs. According to a recent report in the UK’s Telegraph, journalists with the BBC have to take courses that teach them not to air “marginal views”—and they include controversies surrounding climate change.

Now, many secularists claim that climate change is almost completely man made, but biblical creationists hold that major climate change really began with the global Flood of Noah’s day, and has been changing ever since.

A report by the BBC Trust explains that there was “an ‘over-rigid application of editorial guidelines on impartiality’ which sought to give the ‘other side’ of the argument, even if that viewpoint was widely dismissed.” Furthermore, the BBC Trust believes “too much weight had been given to unqualified critics” of climate change. The report concluded that there should be a “varying degree of prominence” given to scientific views, which includes dissenting views of climate change.

Well, what the UK is doing to “marginal views” of climate change is really no different than what has happened to the question of evolution and creation in UK schools. Rather than allow viewers to critically evaluate various claims, the BBC in the UK wants to only air certain views. Ironically, the BBC Trust currently says that skeptics should be qualified to speak on science, yet there are plenty of highly qualified scientists—with PhDs in their fields—who believe in biblical creation and could speak on origins or climate change!

This attempt to completely remove or significantly minimize “marginal views” from BBC is an outcome of the blatant intolerance of Christianity by the secularists. They reject God and His Word, so of course, climate change cannot be attributed to a global Flood of Noah’s day as described in the Bible.

In many ways, the climate change controversy is similar to the creation/evolution debate.  Creationists don’t deny animals change or different species form, and they don’t deny climate change—but what is debated is to what degree animals change and why climate change occurs!

And as I’ve said before, what has happened in the UK is now happening in the U.S. when it comes to such issues. Many journalists here in America already severely distort views that are considered “marginal,” such as biblical creation—and some do not represent such views at all.

The people of the UK need prayer—as well as those in the U.S.—and we need Christians who will boldly proclaim the whole truth of the Bible, beginning in Genesis 1.

We are definitely seeing an increasing intolerance of Christianity in our Western world.  This should wake up Christians to the spiritual battle raging around us—and we need to be soldiers actively involved in this battle.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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