Debate Turning Young Man Back to the Lord

by Ken Ham on July 7, 2014

It’s been a few months since my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” here at our museum, and we continue to receive encouraging reports of how the Lord is using this event to change lives. For example, here is an email I recently received:


Thank you soooo much for your debate with Bill Nye. My son was raised in a Christian home and went to college . . . but need I say more? He turned away.

But, after watching your debate (he’s 27), he’s beginning to turn back to the Lord and his faith. Would you say a “quick” prayer for his salvation? Thank you.

The debate probably brought a lot of people back to the Lord, and maybe even won over some die-hard atheists! Anyway, you have made a mom very grateful!!! The Lord used you mightily in this debate.

A few days later she followed up with this email:
I went to lunch with my son today and again he mentioned Ken Ham and the debate. Ken really made a “lasting” impact on [name withheld] — I love it as I believe that debate was 4 months ago! My son is a bit of an deep-thinking intellect with a great deal of discernment, so this is quite complimentary. I have been praying “fervently” for the Lord to bring someone to my son whom could reach him.

Thanks again.

A grateful mother with a heart full of gratitude.

– P. J., Nevada

I praise the Lord for His life-changing gospel and pray that many more people would honor Him as Creator and Savior as a result of this debate.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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