Bill Nye Needs to Take Note of This Book

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On the Engadget website, we read this interesting information about an interview with Bill Nye “the Science Guy”:

As for his battle with creationists, he told us the debates are off. At least for now. “I’m not gonna debate that guy again. He’s zero for one as far as I’m concerned,” Nye said, in reference to his debate with author Ken Ham. His next step is a book being published this fall: Bill Nye’s Evolution: The Science of Creation. Unlike his classic show, the book is aimed squarely at adults, though he said it’s not as complex as a Richard Dawkins book on evolution.
Well, Bill Nye will be writing a book outlining his adherence to the religion of naturalism, and as I said in my debate with him, he has no answer to the question about where matter came from. At the debate I responded: “Bill, . . . there is a Book!” It’s a Book that’s already been written, and Nye needs to read it and take note of its teachings. It’s the Book that gives us the true account of the origin of the universe and life, including man—and also tells us of our problem of sin, and its solution: the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

I urge Bill to read this Book—God’s Word!

“The entirety of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever.” (Psalms 119:160)
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