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This morning on my Facebook, I linked to a short video featuring a published and renowned scientist—who is a biblical creationist. I praise the Lord for the many creation scientists not only inside AiG, but those who work in the secular world and assist AiG with research. At AiG we understand the importance of high-quality research (both biblical and scientific) that is in many ways the backbone of the enormous information-rich ministry the Lord has called us to.

We are thrilled that Dr. Andrew Snelling (PhD Geology) is the director of our research division, and the editor  for our peer-reviewed research journal called Answer Research Journal.  Of course, Andrew also has written a number of research papers detailing the cutting edge research this creation scientist is involved in.

Over the past few months, in preparation for the content for exhibits at the coming Ark Encounter, various research papers have been submitted presenting information on the created kinds of animals, with the intention of estimating the number of land animals that were needed on Noah’s Ark.  This research is showing that there was plenty of room on the Ark for the representative kinds.

I urge you to check out the Answer Research Journal and the various papers that are available free online.  There is no doubt this is a leading creationist peer-reviewed research publication—and it’s free.

And praise the Lord for the creation scientists the Lord has burdened to work with AiG so we can provide answers in response to the secular attacks on the Word of God today.

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