“We've Never Been the Same”

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From time to time I like to share a sample of the numerous encouraging notes we receive from people. Here is one that came in recently—I wanted you to share in the blessing of receiving such feedback:

It is our great privilege to be a small part of the ministry of AIG.

[We] first met Ken some 30 years ago giving a Relevance of Creation seminar in Beaverton, Oregon when he was a young man with ICR. It was wonderful! We had our three small children with us up front in the second or third row. We all left with full hearts, spinning heads, and an armload of books and videos. We've never been the same since.

Ken will never know how much of an impact he had (and his father had) that night on my life and ministry in apologetics and my family's life … Serving as the associate pastor at …  that time, I realized my heart and passion was in apologetics and providing resources to others that they might understand these great truths.

Our prayer requests:

  • For the Ark Encounter—that this project will impact untold millions of lives around the world. Congrats on the Launch/Dedication.
  • For the Creation Museum—that it would continue to glorify God by showing the relevance of  the Genesis account.
  • For the persecuted church around the world. The unbelievable suffering, yet, the untold triumphs of genuine faith in Jesus Christ over suffering is a ministry my wife is involved with through Open Door.
And thank you for your faithfulness … even though it may be trying at times, as well as rewarding, I can assure you that your efforts for Christ and the advancement of His kingdom is an encouragement to many.

With our warmest Christian greetings.

Praise the Lord that in the midst of the ongoing attacks from secularists and Christian compromisers, the Lord sends his special servants to encourage us.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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