Will NBC and New York Times—and Other Media—Retract Their False Reports?

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AiG hopes that NBC’s Meet the Press, the New York Times, and other major media (e.g., the Huffington Post) will retract their completely false reports on how our Ark’s construction is being funded and let people know that taxpayer money is not building it.

I must admit that I tire of the continuing attacks on the Ark Encounter project by major media that seem to be bent on ignoring the truth that has been laid out before them many times (and is easily verifiable from state and local authorities). It seems to me the secular media don't have much else to use against this incredible Christian project (except the usual mocking and scoffing used by the secular media against Bible-believing Christians), so they continue to spread false information to the public.

Regardless of how they view Bible-believing Christians like creationists, the secular media should be held accountable for what seems to be an agenda to perpetuate false statements for the purpose of undermining a Christian project. They can scoff all they want—but how about some integrity in reporting? I guess that’s just too much to ask of our secular media!

I urge you to read our analysis of how the media are falsely reporting the nature of the Ark’s funding that has been posted as AiG's lead article on the Answers in Genesis website.

Go to this link to read this highly revealing article.

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