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Although I’ve received an enormous amount of feedback since my recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” of TV fame, the overwhelming response has been thankfulness that God’s Word was honored and the gospel was presented clearly (watch the entire debate at debatelive.org). Here is an example of a response I received:

A friend . . . related to me that his family was praying for a young man . . . who was having a hard time trying to reconcile science with faith. The family had witnessed to him many times and invited him to watch the debate, which he did. Afterward, a friend was able to get him into the Scriptures, and he finally repented and received Christ. When asked what part the debate played in him finally receiving Christ [his] friend replied, “If anyone actually won the debate, it was Ken Ham.” Ken’s use of the orchard model of species (versus the evolutionary tree) impressed him in particular, but that it was a greater trust in the Bible that helped him receive Christ.
This is what the AiG ministry is all about. Yes, we discuss fossils, the age of the earth, genetics, and so on. But in all we do, our purpose is to stand on the authority of the Word of God and proclaim the saving message of the gospel.

Here is another example of responses I received. This one is a strong reminder that every Christian is supposed to represent Jesus Christ in this world:

You know what I saw last night, Ken Ham? I saw Jesus on that stage responding to Bill Nye. You could have answered his questions and attacks in so many different ways because you are a brilliant man and you have the answers. But it wasn’t about you last night . . . there was not one ounce of ego on that stage. You stood there and represented Jesus Christ. I saw David before Goliath, I saw Paul on Mars Hill, I saw Jesus taking the stripes . . . that’s what I saw last night. You did not respond to a fool [Proverbs 26:4], you answered him with Jesus Christ and Biblical Creation over and over again. I will never forget that. God will honor what you did last night. The gospel was truly preached in these last days. And Mr. Nye can never stand before Jesus Christ and say that he never heard the Truth. God bless you!
I have also received a huge amount of positive feedback from people telling me that the debate has enabled them to have conversations with people, such as this one:
What I noticed the most, however, is when debating my friends now I can sense they have less confidence in what they are saying. It‘s definitely impacted the atheist community. God is at work.
And this one talks about a conversation at school:
My daughter just told me that she heard a student talking to their Biology teacher about the debate today!!! Pretty cool!!!!
I also had a number of public school teachers tell me because Bill Nye was in the debate, they were allowed to show the debate in their public school science classes. I recall the web article we posted a few days before the debate, encouraging science classes to use the debate as a learning exercise.

Praise the Lord for these responses!

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