Atheists and Their Tantrums—Dawkins Comments on Debate

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Famed British evolutionist Richard Dawkins has joined other atheists in throwing something of a tantrum about the upcoming debate between Bill Nye and me on evolution vs. creation. Today’s lead web article on the Answers in Genesis website addresses Dawkins and his recent comments about the February 4 debate.

The article begins with this paragraph:

Well, the media coverage of the upcoming debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye at the Creation Museum continues to grow. Many well-known figures on both sides are speaking out about who they believe will win or about whether there should be a debate at all. Recently, famed atheist Richard Dawkins weighed in on the debate in some impromptu comments on a recent web article decrying the debate.
Later on the article states the following:
Richard Dawkins is known for his firm stance against debating biblical creationists. His pride is evident in the things he says about those who disagree with him. For Dawkins, evolution in a godless world is the only option. And while Dawkins astutely says that those Christians who believe they can reconcile evolutionary ideas with Scripture are “deluded,” he doesn’t want to be challenged about the assumptions that underlie evolutionary ideas. As an atheist who ultimately hates God, Dawkins can’t even allow the possibility that he might be wrong. Instead, he comes up will all sorts of poor excuses to protect his worldview as his atheism is challenged by biblical creationists.
I encourage you to read the entire lead article.

And don’t miss watching the live debate on Tuesday, February 4, at 7:00 PM (eastern time). Find out about the free live streaming at

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