Will Bill Nye “embarrass believers by making short work of Ken Ham”?

by Ken Ham on January 19, 2014

A minister for New Song Church, a new church plant in Kingsport, Tennessee, who also is a monthly columnist for the religion section of the Kingsport Times newspaper, wrote a blog post about my upcoming debate with Bill Nye. It also appeared in the Kingsport Times.

In his commentary, this minister stated, “I think Bill Nye will embarrass believers by making short work of Ken Ham.” (http://craigcottongim.blogspot.com/)

And why did he make this statement? From reading his commentary, it’s obvious this church leader has been indoctrinated to believe the “gap theory”—the idea of a supposed billions of years for the age of the earth and universe, placed in a supposed gap between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. In this gap, he also puts some fictional story about Satan’s work during this supposed gap.

The gap theory has been thoroughly refuted biblically and scientifically years ago. Here is one article (of many) on the AiG website.

The age of the universe/earth is an enormous stumbling block to so many Christian leaders. Frankly, that’s because they don’t understand the nature of science and the difference between belief and empiricism (operational science). Secularists have done a great job in intimidating people to believe in billions of years. These secularists must have billions of years to even suggest the ideas of evolution, the big bang, etc. Actually, the belief in billions of years for the age of the earth came out of naturalism.

Because secularists have to have billions of years to try to explain the universe/life without God, when they discover that a person doesn’t accept their belief (really their religion) of billions of years,  name calling can result. They will call people “anti-intellectual,” “antiscience,” “antiacademic,” “antitechnology,” etc.

Sadly, many Christian leaders have given in to the secularists. Now I’m certainly not saying that if a minister believes in billions of years, he can’t be a Christian! Salvation is not tied to one’s belief about the age of the earth/universe. Salvation is conditioned upon faith in Christ alone, who died for our sins and rose again. So believing in billions of years doesn’t affect one’s salvation if that person is a Christian, but what it does affect is how this person views the Bible. I’ve insisted over and over again that compromising God’s Word starting in Genesis unlocks a door for others to doubt and ultimately not believe the Word of God.

We have seen a generational loss of biblical authority in this nation because so many Christian leaders have compromised billions of years with the Bible.

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