Family Conference at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on January 17, 2014

As you know, our Creation Museum is now the host of many Bible-upholding conferences and special events. AiG itself is sponsoring many of them throughout 2014, including my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” on February 4, plus a women’s Bible conference, workshops for ministry leaders, college expos, and on and on.

At the same time, we allow groups to rent our Legacy Hall (seating 900 people) and other features around the museum and grounds if they meet our criteria. Well, the Reforming Families Conference will be held at the Creation Museum beginning July 31 in our Legacy Hall. Even though this is not a museum or AiG sponsored event, the organizers have asked me to be one of the keynote speakers, and I was very happy to agree.

According to the Reforming Families Conference website, the sessions are designed to equip families to encourage families to grow in the knowledge of Christ and to proclaim His Word. My talk on August 1 will be “Genesis and the Great Commission.”

We’re so happy to be working alongside Bible-affirming organizations to allow them to use our well-equipped auditorium. In addition, this gives us an opportunity to introduce conference attendees to the Creation Museum right next door.

The theme for this Reforming Families Conference, taking place July 31 through August 2, will be “Living the Great Commission.” One of the speakers is Pastor Al Martin; one of our staff members who was in Christian radio for many years told me that he has been listening to Pastor Martin preach for over 30 years on the radio.

This conference is absolutely free of charge with the help of the good folks at and the Free Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, and the museum admission will be available at a discount to attendees. For more information go to

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